Lamination Services

Your image can be mounted and laminated in a variety of options. In all cases the image is permanently mounted and the surface is covered by a protective matte film which is anti-reflective and washable with a damp cloth.


Medite Lamination

Medite is a 7/16″ thick board on which your image can be mounted and laminated, the edges are beveled and finished in your choice of colour.

Medite lamination is a very durable and economical process commonly used for small sized posters, newspaper articles, and certificates.


Flushmount Lamination

A flushmout lamination protrudes 1″ from the wall and is hallow in the back. Flushmount lamination is usually the best solution for mounting poster sized prints and over sized prints as it is much lighter than medite board. The edges are also available in a variety of colours.

The flushmount process is an all timeĀ  favorite of the staff at Images On Bank!


Canvas Transfer

Any print or poster can be transferred onto canvas to give it the look and texture of an original painting. The finished product is attractive and hard to tell from an original. You can either hang your canvas transfer as is, or frame it for a more finished look.

We advise against doing canvas transfers on photos because photo paper does not always react well to the process.


Gallery Mount

Gallery mount is a new option we are offering for mounting and laminating your image; it’s the latest in contemporary style for the walls.

The gallery mount lamination is 1 & 5/8″ thick giving it a very boxy and modern look. The edges are straight and painted black. This process looks great for images large and small!