Framing Services

Custom Framing

At Images On Bank we have well over 1000 wood and metal frame samples to choose from -this may sound a bit intimidating, but we can help you narrow it down to the perfect solution to enhance your image.

Why use a custom frame? Custom frames are necessary for framing items which are not a standard size. Choosing custom framing allows you to bring your own personal style into your home. As well as complimenting your image, framing protects your artwork, special memories and accomplishments.


Conservation Framing

We offer conservation framing for your most treasured images such as originals and limited edition prints. This is very important if you want to give your piece the long life it deserves.

Factors which affect the life of art:

-Acidity of paper and products
-High temperatures
-Sunlight and ultraviolet lighting
-Improper framing



Matting not only enhances and compliments your image it also protects it. We use Alphamat Artcare matting which features technology that actually extends the life of art by:

-Slowing paper degradation
-Neutralizing acid by-products
-Protecting against damaging pollutants

There are hundreds of colours to choose from, including suedes, silks, linens and other fabrics, as well as metallics, 8-ply matting and alpharag.



You have the choice of regular glass, non-glare glass, UV protective glass, or UV protective & non-glare in one.

UV protective glass has an invisible coating which effectively blocks 97% of the most damaging ultraviolet rays. When not blocked, these rays can fade and deteriorate all types of art.

Non-glare glass has been etched on one side to diffuse reflected light, eliminating all glare. It also produces a matte finish.


Canvas Stretching

Images On Bank is very experienced in stretching canvas paintings of all types and sizes. Once we stretch your canvas over stretcher bars you can decide to frame it for a more finished look or hang it as is and frame it at a later date. Float style frames are a popular choice for framing canvases but we also carry liners for a more traditional classic look.

Remember that painting you bought on vacation? We can put it back on stretcher bars so you can enjoy your memory!


Shadow Boxes

Souvenirs, mementos, family treasures, collections, medals, sports memorabilia… shadowbox frames are deep enough to hold three dimensional objects of all kinds. Objects can be combined with photographs, postcards, and invitations; the possibilities are endless. This is an attractive solution to proudly display and protect your cherished items. A shadowbox adds interest to a room and is always a great conversation piece. We can help you choose the optimal layout to display your objects, so get that collection out and bring it in for a free estimate.



We are experienced in framing needlepoint, cross stitch, petit point, crochet, lace and tatting, as well as many other fabric pieces such as batiks and decorative scarves. We know how much time and effort goes into creating your needlework, so this is why we treat every item as a valuable, original piece of art. Many times these items carry a lot of sentimental value and should be framed using conservation methods.

*We kindly ask that customers clean their own needlework before bringing it in for framing.